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Promotional Campaigns

Promotional campaigns are limited-time discounts that Creators can offer to attract new Fans. Promotional campaigns can be discount subscriptions (up to 90%) but are not free. Creators can customize the discount percentage, offer limit, and expiration date. Promotional campaigns are only available for paid accounts. 

To begin a promotional campaign: 

  • Make sure you have a subscription price set in Settings

  • Go to the Promotions Page or your Profile Page

  • Click "Add a Promotional Campaign"

  • It will default to the "Discount" tab

  • Set your desired discount percentage. The maximum discount is 90%

  • Set the expiration date of the promotional campaign

  • Select the number of discounted subscriptions you would like to provide. This way a limited number of new or expired users will be able to use the discount

  • An announcement will appear on your Profile with your message to Fans after you start a promotional campaign