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Free Trials

Free trials are limited-time free access to content on a paid account for promotional purposes. Free trials do not auto-renew by default. Free trials can be used to attract new Fans.

Free trials can be sent to:

  • Fans who have not subscribed to your profile yet

  • Fans with expired subscriptions to your profile

Free trials will not work for:

  • Fans who currently have an active subscription to your profile

  • Fans who have not accepted your Free Trial yet

Free Trials Step by Step:

  1. Make sure you have a subscription price set in Settings

  2. Go to the Promotions Page

  3. Click "Add a Promotional Campaign"

  4. Click the Free Trial tab in the window that appears

  5. Set the duration of the free trial period

  6. Select the number of free trial offers you would like to provide. This way a limited number of new or expired users will be able to get free trial access to your profile

  7. Set the expiration date on the free trial offer

- An announcement will appear on your Profile with your message to Fans after you start a trial campaign.