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Safety & Transparency Center

Safety & Transparency Center

OnlyBabes has made the commitment to provide its users with a safe digital media platform that will permit our Creator Users and the Fans the opportunity to control and monetize the lawful content which they can produce, post and view.

The following Safety & Transparency information is presented to provide the Creator Users, the Fans and other persons of interest with the visibility on how OnlyBabes does the task of keeping this community safe and to provide an overview of some of the key safety and transparency measures that OnlyBabes seeks to maintain for this platform.

The guides that we set out below are general summaries and these summaries and information that is provided should always be read alongside OnlyBabes’ Terms of Service, its Acceptable Use Policy and the Community Guidelines.

OnlyBabes’ Mission, Vision and Values

The primary mission of OnlyBabes is to provide our Creator Users with a viable platform which they can use to post and share their content with their fans and followers and enable them to express themselves to reach their full creative potential.

The OnlyBabes vision is to offer our users with a safe, easy-to-use platform to provide both creators and their fans and followers with the opportunity to connect and share.

A short list of the goals and values OnlyBabes seeks for this platform include the following:

-Respect for the creativity of our Creator Users and to provide them with the ability and tools to share and express their creativity with their fans and followers.

-Safety and privacy for all of the users on our platform.

-Making this platform a space where Creator Users can be imaginative and aspiring and where they are able to express and share their content, ideas and projects with their fans and followers.

-Providing our Creator Users with the opportunity to monetize their content and give them the ability to offer their content to their fans and followers

OnlyBabes’ Monthly Transparency Reports

OnlyBabes provides updated details through our monthly Transparency Reports to identify the efforts involved in providing you a safe and easy-to-use platform where your content can be shared to the community.

Link to the month and year below to see what efforts have taken place proactively by the company to keep the OnlyBabes’ service and community safe



OnlyBabes’ Commitment to Safety & Transparency

Movo Media, LLC, as the operator of OnlyBabes, has a commitment to safety. The policies and procedures that we follow have been decided upon with the purpose of keeping our OnlyBabes users safe.

Age & Identity Verification

An individual must be at least 18 years old to create an account with OnlyBabes or its brands to access the content on any of the online applications and website locations either as a Fan or as a Creator. This requirement is pursuant to our Terms of Service. Some of the content may not be suitable for persons under the age of 18. OnlyBabes permits the sharing of adult content on our platform between our users. It is for this reason that the policy is in place to restrict access to OnlyBabes to people who are at least 18 years old and why both our Creator Users and our Fans must provide age and identity verification.

It is necessary for OnlyBabes to retain certain age and identity verification information regarding our users to protect our community and to comply with the applicable laws in the jurisdictions we operate. You may find more information about how long we retain this information in our company’s Privacy Policy.

We collect age and identity verification information to keep our community safe.

Assisting Law Enforcement

OnlyBabes may receive information or data requests from law enforcement departments and agencies in the various jurisdictions where we operate. It might involve the investigation of suspected criminal activity or the identification of suspicious or illegal criminal or fraudulent activity.

OnlyBabes may be able to provide detailed information relating to potential suspects or victims of crime. Some of the information OnlyBabes may be able to provide (if available) to law enforcement includes:

-A party’s legal name


-Profile URL

-Email address

-IP information

-Telephone number

-Billing address

-Payment, billing and transaction data

-Credit card information

-Content and messaging information

If there is ever an imminent threat of death or serious physical injury to a person relating to this platform and our operations, this should be communicated immediately to OnlyBabes at [email protected] in order to escalate the request so it is dealt with quickly.

You may also report suspected illegal content by sending a direct message to the above email address.

Combatting Child Sexual Abuse Materials

Movo Media, LLC, the operator of OnlyBabes, has a zero tolerance policy relating to Child Sexual Abuse Materials (CSAM) anywhere on OnlyBabes. OnlyBabes will seek to actively block and delete such materials as soon as possible if this need arises.

The posting or distribution of CSAM is immoral, its illegal and it is specifically against OnlyBabes’ Terms of Service and our Acceptable Use Policy.

To be clear, CSAM is any image or video of sexually explicit conduct, including nudity, involving a person less than 18 years old. These images amount to child sexual abuse and exploitation!

OnlyBabes continuously scans our platform, our websites and our applications over all of our brands, to monitor and seek to detect the posting of CSAM. OnlyBabes inspects images, texts and audio files to monitor for CSAM. Whenever CSAM is ever confirmed, OnlyBabes will pass along the details behind where the CSAM was found and share this information with law enforcement and non-governmental agencies in order to help identify the perpetrators.

OnlyBabes may review and remove any image or video that is shared or posted on OnlyBabes. This includes any image or video that is shared through a direct message between users.

In order to make it harder to post or distribute CSAM, OnlyBabes has strict identity checks for our users to make it difficult to post CSAM anonymously. OnlyBabes may likely know the user or the account and we can report this to the appropriate parties and we can ban the parties responsible from further access to OnlyBabes and our brands, including all of our websites and applications.

Each post and account on OnlyBabes has a report button. If you ever see any content which you suspect may be Child Sexual Abuse Materials, please immediately click the report button or write to OnlyBabes directly to [email protected].

Assisting OnlyBabes’ Creators with Protecting Their Copyright Rights

OnlyBabes has as one of its primary goals the ability to provide its Creators with a safe online platform where they can share and monetize their content. A Creator User must own or directly control the content which they choose to post on OnlyBabes and its related websites, applications and brands.

Each Creator User grants to OnlyBabes the right to use their content on the OnlyBabes websites, applications, over our brands and the overall platform, by its displaying of the content to the Creator User’s Fans.

OnlyBabes will support our Creator Users to enforce their copyrights. A Creator User can report any copyright issues of their content to OnlyBabes by writing to [email protected] and identifying "Reporting Stolen Content" in the subject line of the email. OnlyBabes will then review and investigate the claim.

Following receipt of such a notice, OnlyBabes may issue a formal "takedown" notice on behalf a Creator User under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). See the DMCA link at the bottom or this webpage for more information on the noticing copyright infringement issues.

OnlyBabes may also notify websites, hosting services, and domain registrars when it is determined that content was stolen from an OnlyBabes’ Creator User and the content is now appearing on other platforms without the copyright owner’s permission. OnlyBabes will use its good faith efforts to attempt to have any stolen content taken down; however not all websites will respect copyright laws nor will they all comply with such takedown demands. Creators may want to reach out to the offending websites directly on their own and request that their content be removed. Creators always have the option to independently pursue formal legal action against the infringing parties.

If you suspect someone has wrongly posted your content on OnlyBabes without your permission, any content that is posted may be reviewed pursuant to OnlyBabes’ Terms of Service and its Acceptable Use Policy. Any posted content which violates OnlyBabes’ Terms of Service or its Acceptable Use Policy will be removed by OnlyBabes.

If you believe you own content which another Creator has posted on OnlyBabes without your permission, please report copyright issues to OnlyBabes by writing to [email protected] and identify "Reporting Stolen Content" in the subject line. Please also include your name, address, contact details, a clear description of your complaint and the issues involved, and the URL for where the content appears.

OnlyBabes will promptly remove infringing content in response to DMCA notices and notify the account holder of the claim. Accounts of repeat infringers will be terminated.

Likewise, it you are a Creator and you believe your content was wrongly removed for infringing copyright reasons, please follow the instructions under the DMCA link below and follow the steps there.

Please remember that a Fan may pay to have access to a Creator’s content in order view such content or messages. However, all underlying rights to the content belongs to the Creator. The Fan is not permitted to download the content and a Fan only receives their rights on a pay per view basis. Copying or downloading content from OnlyBabes is a breach of our Terms of Service.

Anti-Slavery & Human Trafficking

OnlyBabes respects human rights and is committed to safeguarding that there is no types of modern slavery or human trafficking in any part of our business. We are committed to acting ethically and decently in all of our business relationships, including with all of the users of our Service.

OnlyBabes commits to maintaining its business practices to combat modern slavery and human trafficking and to ensure modern slavery and human trafficking is not taking place anywhere in our Service.

Modern slavery is a crime and it is also a violation of fundamental human rights. It may be seen in various forms (e.g., servitude, forced labor and human trafficking), all of which deprive a person of their liberty and exploits the victim for someone else’s commercial gain.

OnlyBabes has zero-tolerance to any instance of modern slavery or human trafficking in connection with its business.

OnlyBabes commits to the following:

-To act ethically and decently in all our business dealings and our relationships;

-To implement effective policies, controls and communications with our users to ensure modern slavery and/or human trafficking is not taking place anywhere within our business.

If you ever discover any content or situation on our Service that violates these human rights, we ask you to report it to OnlyBabes immediately via emial to [email protected].

Thank you for your help in combatting this international problem!

OnlyBabes Respects Your Privacy

OnlyBabes does not exploit your personal data for our own financial benefit. Your content and your data belong to you. OnlyBabes will not sell any personal data of yours to third-party advertisers. However, OnlyBabes does collect personal information. We are required to know who is using this platform and how they are using it. OnlyBabes collects data to verify both the age and identity of both our Fans and our Creators. We also collect data to permit payments for services to OnlyBabes and our Creator Users.

You may find a breakdown of the types of data that is collected by linking to our Privacy Policy.

Personal data is always requested when you open an account with OnlyBabes. Personal data may be shared with service providers who may be directly involved with the servicing your active account at OnlyBabes. We strive to safeguard all personal data that is provided by our users but we cannot make 100% guarantees.

If you want to limit or prevent OnlyBabes from collecting your location information, you can deactivate location services in your device or software settings. Please refer to your device manufacturer or operating system instructions for directions on how to do this.

You may opt out of receiving messages from OnlyBabes by following the opt-out link or other unsubscribe instructions provided in any email message that you receive, or by changing your notification preferences in your OnlyBabes account. You may also email us your opt-out request to [email protected]. Please include "Opt-Out" in the subject line and include your name and the email address you used to sign up for communications in the body of the email.

Safeguards against Money Laundering & Fraud

OnlyBabes has controls in place to detect and address potential fraud and money laundering that may occur on our platform.

Money laundering is the unlawful process of taking money from a criminal activity or source, or using a legitimate source (like buying services or making a financial transaction) to make it appear as though that money has come from a legitimate source. Money laundering is never permitted on OnlyBabes.

Fraud generally describes the process of obtaining money or something of value by tricking or deceiving someone. Likewise, fraud is not permitted on OnlyBabes either.

OnlyBabes uses its own technologies, third-party tools, and actual human beings to review for possible money laundering or fraud and to investigate suspicious transactions and behaviors.

If OnlyBabes identifies that someone violated its policies, that party can be removed from the platform and will be reported to law enforcement authorities as appropriate. Suspicious activity is investigated and the issues behind the situation are thoroughly reviewed.

At the same time, if illegal activity like money laundering or fraud is identified by law enforcement first, OnlyBabes will respond to law enforcement requests regarding accounts or transactions serviced on this platform that may be involved.

Addressing Hate Speech

OnlyBabes has a zero tolerance policy regarding hate speech, discrimination or threats made by parties on this platform, the related websites, applications or on any of our brands. The OnlyBabes’ Terms of Service and our Acceptable Use Policy set out the various negative types of communication that are never permitted.

Any communication that contains or promotes any type of hate speech is not allowed. Any communication that is illegal, fraudulent, defamatory, discriminatory, threatening or harassing is not allowed. Any communication which encourages violence is not allowed. Any communication that depicts firearms or weapons being used in a threatening way is never allowed.

No one may post anonymously on OnlyBabes. In order to subscribe to the available content, or to post content on this platform, users will need to pass identity verification checks. OnlyBabes knows the identity of all our users. When users are not anonymous, users will be less likely to create, distribute or participate in hate speech, or involve themselves with any other discriminatory or threatening material.

When OnlyBabes identifies, or someone reports, suspected hate speech, or discriminatory or threatening behavior, OnlyBabes immediately removes the content from public view and we will investigate the report. If there has been a violation of our Terms of Service or our Acceptable Use Policy, OnlyBabes takes the appropriate action, such as issuing a warning, account suspension, or account termination.

Each post, message, and account on OnlyBabes has a report button. If you ever see any content which you suspect could be hate speech or threatening speech, please immediately click on the report button, or report this directly to us by emailing [email protected].