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USA Sales Tax Information

This notice covers our sales tax requirements on Fan payments from within the USA.

OnlyBabes will add sales tax to some Fan payments made in the USA.

Many states have passed laws that require “online marketplaces” to apply sales tax to transactions. Originally aimed at larger streaming services, the way these laws were written and the way they are being interpreted means that they are impacting many different types of companies, including OnlyBabes. 

Whether or not sales tax is applied to your Fan payment depends on where you are located and the type of Payment being made. Not all states require sales tax to be charged on transactions, and not all Payment types will be taxable. 

If Sales tax is charged in your location, you will see an additional line item on your receipt for sales tax. Each state which requires Sales Tax to be charged will apply their own rate. The Sales Tax collected by OnlyBabes will be paid directly to your local government.