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Discounted and promotional subscriptions

Creators can offer various discounts to their Fans:

1. Free trial subscriptions - the Creator has set the discount to a 100% discount for the first billing period. In order for the subscription to renew, the Fan must sign up for the subscription. It will not auto-renew by default unless the Fan confirms that they want to renew for the subscription price.

2. Discounted subscriptions - the Creator has a profile promotion campaign. A creator can set a discount for their monthly subscription. Once the promotional billing period has ended, the subscriptions are set to auto-renew by default. The discounted price is eligible for the first billing period only.

The % reduction is based on a Creators regular monthly subscription price. The lowest promotional price that can be offered is $3. So for example, if a monthly subscription price is $6, the Creator can offer a maximum of a 50% discount. If a monthly subscription is $30, the Creator can offer a maximum of a 90% discount.

In either case, once the billing period with the promotional amount is over, the subscription price reverts to the full price subscription.

3. Personal subscription discounts - the Creator can offer personal discounts to specific fans. A Creator can select a discount percentage (5-40%) and duration (1-12 months) for any individual fan to offer a special personal discount. For any active subscription - the newly personally discounted amount will be charged when the new billing period starts.