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Australia GST

Please note: This notice covers our sales tax (GST) requirements on payments made by Fans based in Australia. If you are a Fan based outside of Australia please check the help topics for any sales tax charges specific to your country.

Recently many countries have passed laws that require “online marketplaces” to apply sales tax to transactions. Originally aimed at larger streaming services, the way these laws were written and the way they are being interpreted means that they are impacting many different types of companies, including OnlyBabes. 

OnlyBabes will add GST to some Australian Fan Payments.

If GST is charged on your payment, you will see an additional line item on your receipt for GST. The GST collected by OnlyBabes will be paid directly to your local government. There are no additional charges on this element of the payment. 

Why is GST being applied to online content?

Australian law applies GST to any payment made in connection with ‘any form of supply whatsoever’, this includes digital content. 

What payments will be affected?

Payments made by Australian Fans to Australian Content Creators will NOT have GST applied to them. Only payments made by Australian Fans to Content Creators based outside of Australia will have GST applied, depending on the type of transaction.

Under Australian law, GST would not apply to any payment made that is NOT in connection with a supply of anything. In other words, gratuitous tips paid by an Australian Fan to Content Creators based outside Australia will NOT have GST applied. 

How much will I be charged in GST?

If your payment is subject to GST, it will be charged at 10%.

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