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My payout request was rejected

If you receive the following error message:

"We have been unable to process your payout due to the following reason: Please contact support with an up-to-date ID so we can process your payment." Your payout request will not be processed until you have submitted a new ID that is then verified and approved. Possible reasons:

  • Your previously submitted ID has expired

  • The documents previously submitted do not meet the requirements required to complete your Payout Request

  • There is missing payout information on your Account which prevents you from withdrawing funds.

Please submit a copy of your government issued photo ID along with your selfie holding your ID.

Once your ID is verified and approved your payouts will be enabled. Please note that if you have received this message, you will not be able to receive your Payouts until this is complete.

Please note the following requirements which must be met for ANY uploaded image:

  1. Images may not be edited, cropped or re-sized.

  2. All images must be in color.

  3. Submitted documents must be a photo or a scanned copy. Electronic documents or a photo of a photo will be rejected.

  4. All 4 corners of the document must be visible.

  5. The entire government issued, non-expired ID must be shown. No parts of the document may be redacted, covered, cut, or censored.

  6. Files must be .PNG or .JPG format and under 7MB in size. Once your ID is approved, confirm your payment method.

  7. US Creators are required to complete a W9 form.