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Creator’s Guide to Content Moderation

To keep our community safe, we moderate all of the content on OnlyBabes including direct messages. If you post content that is not allowed on OnlyBabes, it will be deactivated and we may suspend or terminate your OnlyBabes account.

Our Terms of Service, Acceptable Use Policy and Community Guidelines set out in detail what is, and what is not, allowed on OnlyBabes.

Here are the most common reasons content is removed:

  • It features someone whose age we cannot verify as 18+.

  • It features someone who is over 18 and age verified, but pretending to be under 18 (including any role play).

  • It is illegal in your country of residence (or the region where the content was captured).

  • It features real blood, or could be considered violent or extreme.

  • It is sexually explicit and does not have all participants tagged, or it is sexually explicit and unable to verify the necessary documents.

  • It involves any nudity in a public place, including where the general public is present or visible.

  • It involves nudity around animals.

  • It features any real weapons, illegal drugs, or an object being used in a way that the object was not intended to be used.

For more information, please read our Terms of Service, Acceptable Use Policy and Community Guidelines.  If you believe your content was incorrectly moderated you can appeal this decision by contacting us at [email protected].

Published: 11/17/2023